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  • Diana Fernandez

Diana Fernandez is the mother of a beautiful autistic daughter named Emma. She is originally from Los Angeles, CA but moved to San Diego in July of 2013. Emma suffered two brain hemorrhages as a result of severe meconium aspiration and was born with bilateral clubfeet and a premature hip. She spent the first month of her life in the NICU with doctors not expecting her to live nor walk because of the extreme feet deformation but several surgeries have changed her life. When it was discovered brain hemorrhages affected her frontal lobe, Emma was immediately enrolled with the Regional Center. Today, she is a healthy 10-year-old involved with dance and is part of the Special Olympics Aquatic Team in San Diego. She receives SLP Therapy several times a week to include a Saturday Generalized Program which allows her to interact with the community with her friends and continue her road to independency. Emma enjoy trips to the zoo, park, beach, libraries and will take on any adventure as a family.


Embracing Autism: Forgiving Those Who Judge

"You and only you as a parent of a child on the spectrum know what is best for your child. Don’t let anyone influence it...