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  • Manny Rodriguez, M.S.

Manny Rodriguez, M.S. has over ten years of experience, working with organizations across the globe within the Fortune 1000. He is an accomplished practitioner in the field of Behavior Analysis, highly regarded by his customers and colleagues alike. Manny is especially skilled at facilitating business teams to execute strategic plans and preparing leaders to engage employees to reach their maximum potential. Manny holds the position of Director of Continuing Education and Product Development for SLP Technologies, a pioneer in the online professional development of behavior analysts, and is also the President of the Organizational Behavior Management Network.

Manny Rodriguez and SLP Technologies, Inc provides products and services for Behavior Analysts and the general public. Online Professional Development in SLP, Coaching/Mentoring Behavior Analysts, Speaking engagements such as Workshops/Seminars/Webinars, and Expert Consulting in SLP, OBM, Instructional Design, and Teaching Behavior Analysis.


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